What sets HRS apart from other billing companies?

We are personable and truly care about you and your practice.  HRS believes in a transparent and integrated partnership to ensure all of you and your patient’s billing needs are met.  We strive on nothing less than exceptional customer service.

How do we get patient data and charges to you?

This depends on your current EMR software. We are flexible and want your transition to HRS be as seamless and smooth as possible; therefore, we are prepared to work with and utilize any existing billing software you already work with.

How do I know that you will be more efficient and effective than our own staff?

We work to give your revenue cycle our full attention and dedication. We have extensive experience in working with busy practices and have developed specialized systems and workflows to ensure timely and accurate claims processing.

How often are my claims processed?

We transmit claims to all payers within 24 hours of a note being finalized.

Where do my insurance payments go?

Payments go directly to you. We will coordinate with you to ensure all payments are setup via EFT to your account for expedited transmittal of funds from your payers.

What if I am in the startup phase of my practice?

HRS offers a full suite of consulting services. We can assist you with all aspects of your startup including insurance contracting/credentialing, fee schedule determination, clearinghouse setup, business planning, strategic planning, marketing, etc.

Will I have a dedicated person to talk to?

Not only do you have a person to talk to, but you have a dedicated team managing all aspects of your revenue cycle.

When we hire you, what do we do with our existing outstanding accounts?

We can absorb all your outstanding accounts receivable while processing your current claims.

What is this going to cost me?

Please contact us today for pricing as we work with you to develop a pricing plan according to the services your practice needs.  On average rates run between 5-7% of total monthly collections.

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